Friday, 14 September 2012

Free ebooks from Microsoft: What’s new in our list of great resources


We just released the RTM version of our Windows Server 2012 ebook. Check it out!
cover for Introducing Windows Server 2012
PDF - Introducing Windows Server 2012 RTM Edition - PDF ebook
EPUB – Introducing Windows Server 2012 RTM Edition – ePub format
MOBI – Introducing Windows Server 2012 RTM Edition – MOBI format (for Kindle)

We’ve released the second preview of our Programming Windows 8 Apps ebook. The final version will be completed later this fall. Stay tuned.
cover for Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS, and Javscript
You can download the Second Preview (PDF only) here (13.5 MB).
And you can download the Second Preview’s companion content here (64.9 MB).
(We’ll release the final version of this free ebook in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats.)

More free ebooks

cover for Introducing Windows Server 2008 R2 cover for Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2012 cover for Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 cover for Understanding Microsoft Virtualization Solutions, 2nd Edcover for Microsoft Office 365 cover for First Look Microsoft Office 2010 cover for Security and Privacy for Microsoft Office 2010 Users cover for Deploying Windows 7cover for Moving to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
cover for Programming Windows Phone 7 

Resources from Microsoft Press.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Enabling IIS log files on Windows 7

I'm baffled. IIS 7.5 does not log to files by default, you have to enable the feature manually. In the settings it's called "HTTP logging", here's how to enable it:

If you can't find IIS log files in C:\inetpub\logs you should open your IIS Manager and check if the logging option is present in the IIS menu section (top right in the screenshot).

If you can't find the Logging option, go to: Control Panel\Programs -> Turn Windows Features on or off to enable IIS logging.

I had to close the IIS Manager and open it again for the changes to take effect. Now the IIS should log to C:\inetpub\logs.

After some intense Googling, I was able to find this article by Microsoft: Enable or Disable Logging (IIS 7). It states that logging is enabled by default in IIS 7. This does not seem to be the case on my IIS 7.5 (Windows 7 Enterprise).