Friday, 30 August 2013

System.MissingMethodException was caught

This kind of Exceptions are Coming, when there is an attempt to dynamically  access a method that does not exist.

This type of Issues can Occur when there is an Old version Of  a DLL Still , some where it is referred
Make sure that the Latest assemblies are deployed and No duplicated older  versions of assemblies
are hiding in folders.

Extjs 4 Override Proxy TimeOut


In this Post am going to Explain about How to Override the Extjs Data store Ajax Proxy timeout.

In One of My Project  for Fetching the data is taking more than 40 Seconds.

But before loading it into the Grid the Extjs 4 Store Ajax  Proxy is timeOut at 30 Seconds.
I was trying to Overcome this Issue while Increasing timeOut of Ajax Proxy in

 Normally In Extjs 4 the Proxy timeOut is 30sec default, we can Increase by Adding Config timeout

proxy: {
        type: 'ajax',
        timeout: 60000

By Using this Config  We can Increase the timeout of  One ajax Proxy on  data Store .

Instead of adding timeout Config  in all stores,  we can override the timeout of data.proxy.Ajax.

Ext.override(, { timeout: 60000 });

 This was helpful for me becoz i wanted to Increase timeout Globally across my application.

version info Extjs 4.2


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

How to Save TFS Credentials in Windows 7

When I start Using on TFS, Every Time when I Start New Instance of  Visual Studio it prompts for Credentials. I Started to search  for a solution then I found a solution.

These are the Steps we have to do.

Step1: Open Control Panel > User Accounts


Step2 : Click on User Accounts then Manage Your Credentials


Step3 : Click On Manage your Credentials 


Step4 : Click on Add Generic Credentials.

Enter Ur TFS ServerName in the Internet OR NetWork Address,
Add Enter your TFS Credentials.