Wednesday, 9 July 2014

How to enable Windows Authentication for a WebSite in IIS

Today am going to Explain about the Basic of Authentication.

We need to know about how to Enable the Windows authentication for a Web Site, Web Application, Windows Service in IIS(7.5/8.0/8.5).

 Open Internet Information Service Manager (IIS) .

1.     If you are using Window 8 or 8.1:
a.       Click on  Control Panel (Press the Windows key and Press the Letter X)
b.      Click on Administrative tools and then click on Internet information Services (IIS)
2.     If you are Using Window 7
a.       Click on start button and then go to control Panel.
b.      Double – click on Administrative Tools, and the double click on Internet Information Service (IIS).

      3.     In the Connection Pane, expand the Server Name and expand the site, then select Web site or    Web  Application OR Windows Service for which you want to enable the Authentication.

4.     Scroll the IIS in the Center Panel select the Authentication

    5 .        By default windows authentication is disable mode. 


    6. we need to enable by selecting of enable from Actions Pane (right side in the IIS).


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