Monday, 17 November 2014

Create an Azure Storage Account

Today i would like to explain about, how to create an Storage Account in Azure.

To use Azure-storage we need  Storage Account, you can create Storage Account by Using the Following these steps.

Step 1:
           Log into the Azure Management Poratal.

            After signing into the Portal you can see the New Button  at the Bottom Navigational Panel.

           You can see the DATA SERVICES in the first Column.


         Select Storage and Quick Create.

       While Creation URL, type the our sub-domain for accessing the StorageAccount, We can also Create our Own Custom Domains. The Name should Contains 3 to 24  Characters consists of lowercase letters and Numerics.
       This is the Host Name for accessing the Blobs,Queue or Tables.

       Choose Location/ Affinity Group. If we are Using Storage from Azure Application, Select the Same region where you deployed your Application.

        you can select the type of Replication for desire for your account. Geo-redundant is the default and maximum durability.

         Finally Click on  CREATE STORAGE ACCOUNT

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