Friday, 12 June 2015

How to get the specified property from Array using Extjs functions

Using the Ext.pluck we can get the specified property from  array of strings.

 var places = [  
  {name: 'Hyderabad', area: 'Hitechcity'},  
  {name: 'Secunderabad', area: 'ECIL'},  
  {name: 'RangaReddy', area: 'Chanda Nagar'}  
 Ext.pluck(places, 'name'); //returns ['Hyderabad', 'Secunderabad', 'RangaReddy']  
 Ext.pluck(places, 'area'); //returns ['Hitechcity', 'ECIL', 'Chanda Nagar']  

math-related functions in Extjs

 In Extjs, we have some simple mathe related functions.


var numbers = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5];
Ext.min(numbers); //1
Ext.max(numbers); //5
Ext.sum(numbers); //15
Ext.mean(numbers); //3


localhost website consistently making get arterySignalR/poll?transport=longPolling&connectionToken= calls /9ac086a69364466a841e03e001f946fd/arterySignalR/ping

Dear folks,

I found the Basic Issue while Working with Visual Studio 2013. found the issue

arterySignalR requests continuously going. this is because of In Visual studio 2013 Browser link feature introduced.

We can simply solve this issue just uncheck the "Enable Browser Link"