Wednesday, 14 October 2015

What are the prerequisites for sencha cmd

Hello Folks,

In my previous post i showed how to Install the sencha cmd. Now i would like to tell you what are system setup details before run the sencha cmd.

Download and install this software:
  • JRE Sencha Cmd requires Java Runtime Environment version 1.7 to support all functionality, however, most features will work with 1.6 (the minimum supported version).
  • Sencha Cmd
  • Ruby Ruby differs by OS:
  • Windows: Download Ruby from Get the ".exe" file version of the software and install it.

  • Mac OS: Ruby is pre-installed. You can test if Ruby is installed with the Ruby -v command.
  • Ubuntu: Use sudo apt-get install ruby2.0.0 to download Ruby.
  • iOS Packaging: Apple Xcode
  • Android PackagingAndroid SDK Tools and Eclipse (optional).
Add the install paths to your PATH environmental variable.

Resource from sencha.

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