Monday, 22 February 2016

Sencha cmd: How to create view using sencha cmd

Today am going to explain the basic sencha CMD commands.
In previous posts i explained about to install sencha CMD. Now we are going to generate Common MVC components such as controller, mode, view.

Using sencha generate command help us to quickly generate files. You can verify the which sencha cmd is installed in our system and what are the commands available.

Note: Before executing the Sencha commands.The current directory on the console must be inside your application. This commands are compatible to the Sencha Architect Project.

1. Generating views

Adding a view is 

cd path/MyApplication sencha generate view Users.UsersList

The above code will generate the following files in our application.

               Users/                                     - Creates the Folder for the implementing the classes
                         UsersList.js                  - The New view
                         UsersListModel.js        - The Model for the New view
                         UsersListController.js  -The controller of New view.

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