Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Error - The script file could not be found while SSDT Project publish

While am working today i got error  while publishing my database project like "The script file could not be found ".

This issue will come sometimes with .dbmdl file, Just remove from the solution and rebuild it. it will work.

.dbmdl file is just user based cache file of database project.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Clipboard Ring

Hello Folks,

Today we will discuss about the basic hidden tips of Visual studio IDE, these things i know just week ago in one of the community Event.

Available from Version: 2003

Generally we are using capturing of the strings by using Copy or Cut operations, these cut and Copy operations stores the data in to the Clipboard ring memory. 
Clipboard Ring will recalls last 20 Text items this is called Clipboard Ring. 

To Use the Clip board using Ctrl+Shift+V or Ctrl+Shift+Insert

 What ever the Items we are Copied or Copy that is the current item in the clipboard ring, By Using      Ctrl+Shift+V  you can cycle through the items which you are copied or cut.

Source: msdn