Thursday, 11 May 2017

Ext JS 6.5 GA, Progressive Web Apps, Sencha Test Futures, and Ext JS Tips


Announcing Ext JS 6.5 and Sencha Cmd 6.5 GA

by Don Griffin and Sandeep Adwankar
Ext JS 6.5 and Sencha Cmd 6.5 enable you to deliver rich mobile and desktop experiences for your data-intensive, cross-platform web apps – using the Modern toolkit. See all the new features. 

Creating Progressive Web Applications using SenchaExt JS 

by Ajit Kumar
We’ve made progressive web app development very easy with Ext JS. You can create a rich user experience and increase user engagement by delivering the best of both web and mobile apps. Learn how to create your PWA.

Sencha Test Futures API for End-to-End Testing

by Jon Jarboe, Don Griffin, Subu Baskaran
Learn how to use a key feature of Sencha Test, the Futures API, which allows automation engineers to write tests targeting JavaScript components rather than depending on DOM elements. 

Sencha Cmd 6.5 Tech Tips

by Sandeep Adwankar
Get started quickly with Sencha Cmd 6.5 key features including support for ECMAScript 2015 (or ES6), dynamic package loading, and building progressive web apps. Try the code samples in your apps.

Ext JS Customer Spotlight: Crestone Digital

by Mike Giddens
Crestone Digital builds custom mapping solutions. The team uses Ext JS because it’s easy to create a full-fledged application in minutes, yet it’s designed with extensions in mind.

Top Support Tips

by Sencha Support Team
Check out these Ext JS tips and learn how to scroll a component into view and customize a tree list component. 

Sencha Test Tip: Execute Tests on Multiple Browsers Simultaneously

by Subu Baskaran
Sencha Test has built-in support to make it easy to run and debug tests on multiple browsers simultaneously using a browser farm. Join us for our upcoming webinar with Sauce Labs.

Upcoming Webinar: What's New in Sencha Ext JS 6.5 and Cmd 6.5

Presented by Jon Jarboe and Sandeep Adwankar
Join us for our upcoming webinar, where you will learn how you can use Ext JS 6.5 to deliver rich desktop and tablet experiences for your data-intensive, cross-platform web applications – using the Ext JS Modern toolkit. With Cmd 6.5, you get support for ES2015 (formerly ES6) in Ext JS apps, dynamic package loading and support for Progressive Web Apps. 

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