Thursday, 18 May 2017

Sencha Test 2.1 GA

Sencha Test 2.1 GA

Sencha Test
We’re excited to announce that Sencha Test 2.1 is now generally available. This release includes new features that greatly enhance your experience of creating tests, managing defects, and storing test results.

Now, you can create tests simply by inspecting components on a web page and achieve an end-to-end automated workflow – from unattended execution using CI tools to logging defects on JIRA with our new integration. You have the flexibility of including external files, which opens up endless possibilities for testing outside of your application. With the help of a local archive server, Sencha Test ensures that manual test runs are retained for analysis and defect management.
New features in Sencha Test 2.1:
  • Inspect components and elements on Ext JS applications
  • Execute tests from Sencha Studio and store test results on the local archive server
  • Add external files or install npm modules and simply require them in test code
  • Analyze test failures and publish bugs directly to JIRA
  • Perform visual testing directly from Sencha Studio
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What’s New in Sencha Test 2.1

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